We had some new cameras installed over the last three days at our new facility. Rossi (not sure if that is the correct spelling) and I believe his co-worker was Matt were the ones doing the install. I thought it was important to send you some feedback on their work.

Since the beginning of January, we have had many workers at the new location performing a number of different services for us. From fire alarm work to painting to roofing, etc. Your two guys were two of the hardest working guys we have had on that site to date. They came to work every day, kept their heads down and did what needed to be done. They were always extremely respectful and helped out whenever we had questions.

As a Company, we always ask our team to give our customers the type of service that we received from your team this week. It was noticed by me but more importantly by the owners of Reeds Ferry. As such, I thought it was important to send you some positive feedback for a job well done.