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Security Systems are an essential and required element of any marijuana dispensary, retail marijuana store, grow and processing facility. According to the MA. Cannabis Control Commission, “A Marijuana Establishment shall implement sufficient safety measures to deter and prevent unauthorized entrance into areas containing marijuana at the establishment.” These requirements can be found here.  Setronics has the experience to provide business owners with security systems necessary to meet these requirements. When you work with Setronics you will be confident that your facility will meet all the necessary requirements to protect your premises, assets, employees, consumers and the general public.

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integrated security in the cannabis industry:

  • prevents loitering around establishment
  • protects product from being tampered with
  • provides secure evidence to claims
  • prohibits access to restricted areas
  • reduces internal theft
  • improves business operational efficiencies
  • helps to deter burglary, vandalism, and smash & grabs
  • provides 24/7 monitoring

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