safeguard your business and reduce the risk of loss

Setronics offers on-site alarm systems and UL grade monitoring services to give you the peace of mind and flexibility you need, at a price you can afford. Our systems can be designed to alert you to intrusion situations such as forced entry, medical duress and situations that warrant an emergency response. For added security and accuracy, our monitoring services allow for two-way communication and video verification. No matter your requirement or size, we will design, install, and maintain a customized security solution to best protect your people, facilities and assets.

intrusion alarm systems:

  • provide early detection and deter intruders
  • allow the user to secure zones and partitions flexibly on a scheduled basis
  • can be designed to cost effectively meet specific needs of building and operation
  • enable rapid notification of and response to intrusion and duress situations
  • integrate with other elements of a security solution such as access control, fire, video and building management
  • include both audible and visual signaling devices, as well as remote monitoring center services

when perimeter protection is a must for your business – call on us to take you there