quickly take control of security needs with a click of a button

Given the increased severity of risks in today’s environment, it’s important for businesses of all types to protect internal assets and confidential data while minimizing external threats. The availability of many access control solutions allows you to take control of securing your facility. A solution can include a conventionally wired and server-hosted system, cost effective wireless solutions, even hosted database systems. And if you are looking for a way to enhance your access control and perimeter security, Setronics offers a variety of visitor management systems that provide you with an effective way to register, badge, track and manage your facility’s visitor traffic. Access can be authorized based on an intercom request, card or keyfob credentials, biometric input(s), ancillary video, remote monitoring center personnel, or any custom combination of these.

access control systems:

  • maintain perimeter integrity
  • restrict unauthorized access
  • vary the level of access per user
  • adjust credentials for access at a keystroke
  • largely eliminate the need for physical rekeying
  • maintain traceable records of access to sensitive areas
  • track and record personnel activity by door and time
  • can be program controlled and schedule access to your operations based on varying criteria
  • send alerts in the event of a forced door, propped door, or unauthorized entry attempt
  • grant access by voice intercom and video, card or keyfob credential, or biometric input

protect your assets and minimize external threats with a simple click of a button – now that’s security