respond to threatening events quickly and efficiently

Today’s emergency communications and mass notification technologies are ideal for meeting the security demands of heavily populated public events, retail stores, campuses, healthcare facilities, and more. Setronics offers a wide variety of cost effective emergency communication solutions to help proactively protect your business, all designed to provide the highest level of reliability, flexibility, and performance. These solutions, which can be tailored to single buildings as well as multi-facility complexes, enable designated personnel to respond quickly and efficiently to potentially threatening activity.

emergency communications & mass notification technologies:

  • distribute personal communications (SMS, Email, or RSS)
  • signal timely warnings in case of an emergency
  • provide flexible solutions for your facility
  • offer a one-touch button feature to quickly communicate the location of the alert
  • allow for hands-free communications systems

don’t wait for an incident to occur – proactively secure your premises from uninvited threats