reduce risks while making smarter operational decisions

Effective property management security solutions are responsive to facility needs. At one end of the spectrum, properties located in low-crime, low-risk areas may rely on security cameras and/or a single security guard. At the other end, properties in high-crime, high-risk areas, may require multiple integrated security solutions using a variety of access control, video, intrusion and real time monitoring with voice-down audio technologies customized to the property’s needs. Evaluating the best strategy for any property requires a comprehensive security assessment plan.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” security solution for any given property. Each facility needs a customized assessment based on property design, hours of operation, location of property, public and/or private access, and many other risk factors. Upon completion of our assessment and implementation you can be rest assured your most important assets will be protected and running securely, allowing your employees, occupants and visitors to feel safe.

Setronics excels at identifying and implementing best-in-class solutions to deter unlawful entry, vandalism, theft, loitering, and other property related crimes.

security solutions for property management:

  • provide real time, remote video viewing from anywhere
  • detect suspicious perimeter activity
  • help deter vandalism to property
  • increase building occupancy
  • elevate public perception of building safety

smarter operational decisions directly impact building occupancy