customers rely on your bank for a secure financial environment – you rely on setronics to fulfill that promise

Comprehensive security systems are simply a necessity for today’s banking industry. Customers put their trust in their financial institutions to aggressively protect their assets and confidential information. At Setronics, we recognize the gravity of this task and are well equipped to assist financial institutions deploy highly reliable security systems. Our solutions safeguard both assets and information, and accrue interest for you in the form of increased customer loyalty and trust in your institution.

Invest in our portfolio of technical expertise and exceptional customer service – our security professionals will deliver all the solutions you need to meet your asset protection goals, and your customers’ expectations.

security solutions in finance & legal institutions:

  • help to deter robberies
  • combat phantom ATM withdrawals
  • detect suspicious perimeter activity
  • monitor window and cash transactions
  • help law enforcement identify suspects
  • ensure increased safety of employees and customers
  • monitor multiple branches from a central or mobile location

deliver a safe and secure banking experience, protect assets, and increase customer trust