leasing and maintenance

we offer unique leasing and maintenance programs with flexible financing options

Although it can be critical in protecting your business, purchasing sophisticated integrated security systems can present budgetary and maintenance challenges when committed across an entire enterprise. That’s why Setronics offers unique security system financing options featuring leasing services and customized maintenance plans.

Our security system financing and maintenance options allow for budgeted, affordable business security that can be paid for over time. Typical terms run 36 to 60 months. Unlike standard industry leases, Setronics’ lease agreements include all of the warranty services provided by the Setronics Guarantee throughout the agreement term.

Customers may choose to purchase systems with the full scope of customer support services extended well beyond the initial warranty period via an extended Maintenance Agreement. Maintenance programs are strongly recommended as experience has shown that the total long-term ownership cost is greatly reduced, as is downtime, when systems are proactively and professionally maintained.

In the event a security component goes down while covered under a lease or maintenance program, just call our live customer service center; explain the situation and we’ll resolve it for you quickly. Out-of warranty service is also available – simply contact us and we’ll take it from there!

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