improve image, reduce criminal activity, and increase your waiting list of quality residents

Many public Housing Authorities are challenged with bridging the gap between budget constraints and improved service demands, while at the same time providing safe havens for at-risk communities.

Setronics’ solutions assists many Housing Authorities ensure the safety of their residents by securing their facilities. From smaller residential dwellings to extensive housing complexes, our expertise can serve to provide the increased security, and peace of mind, Housing Authorities in general, and their Security Directors in particular, are searching for.

security solutions for housing authorities:

  • assure controlled access in and out of their facilities
  • deter crime in and around their location
  • provide residents with increased peace of mind
  • elevate public perception of the safety of these dwellings
  • increase demand for potential residents

with a highly reliable security system in place, residents are sure to take comfort in saying “there’s no place like home”