top leader in the security industry

Setronics is a leading security solutions provider headquartered in Billerica, MA, with additional offices located in Boston and Portland,CT. The company is known by its customers as a top leader in the security industry for the design, integration and service of physical security solutions using the best of the best technologies and a proven track record of over 45 years.


Simply put, Setronics takes great pride in and care of its customers. The president of Setronics holds a strong passion for security excellence and is committed to providing ultimate satisfaction to each and every one of its customers. As part of that commitment he has taken the time to ensure that every member of the team shares in that same passion. We have a firm belief that both our internal and external commitments have yielded both stronger relationships and valued loyalties.

we take the time to listen

We know that successful partnerships are about moving beyond short-term goals. The ability to build lasting relationships means to clearly understand each customers unique security pains. We take the time to listen. It is by listening that we have been able to demonstrate our skillset of providing value-added, security system solutions leveraging our unique blend of component level expertise, engineering and systems integration experience.

direct relationships with suppliers

No matter how unique the customer’s situation may be, Setronics has immediate access to the latest security products to meet the needs of our customers. We have direct relationships with suppliers that allow us to pass on maximum value to our customers and ensure prompt availability of all components. We shorten delivery cycles by maintaining regional warehouses, each with an extensive inventory of products and parts.

quality service

Quality service is perhaps one of the biggest differentiators that sets us apart from any other security company. We not only talk the talk – we walk the walk and have been doing it seamlessly for many years. Setronics’ technical support and repair capabilities have been carefully designed, from the ground up, to be more efficient and responsive than our competition. Our “Setronics Guarantee” provides comprehensive and uniquely customized, on-site service with every solution. This guarantee goes above and beyond most manufacturers’ warranties. But don’t just take our word for it – go ahead and ask our customers!

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