municipal & state government

for government facility life-safety solutions – turn to a provider you can trust

State, local and municipal government facilities are high risk for potential danger. Terrorism and active shooter scenarios are real world realities requiring responsive security solutions. Such solutions incorporate technologies that facilitate proactive and reactive responses to unpredictable realities are a must.

Setronics can help mitigate these security risks by designing and implementing layered solutions incorporating access control to limit movement and track personnel within a facility, video surveillance to provide “eyes on” real time monitoring and alarm monitoring to coordinate rapid and effective response.

Agencies need action plans that leverage today’s advanced technologies at the most critical times. Our solutions integrate incident response protocols from law enforcement and first responders and deliver compliance with government standards security record documentation, quality and safety.

However unique your needs may be, consider Setronics as your trusted partner to proactively secure your most important assets.

security solutions for municipal & state government:

  • detect suspicious perimeter activity
  • restrict unauthorized access
  • include both audible and visual types of signaling devices
  • provide real time, remote viewing from anywhere
  • deter vandalism and crime

Setronics is an approved vendor of the ITC71 (Formerly FAC64) – Statewide Contract for Security, Surveillance and Access Control Systems, categories 2, 3 & 4 – (video surveillance, access control, intrusion protection & security system/alarm monitoring services) by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

setronics has been a trusted provider since 1969