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  • We had some new cameras installed over the last three days at our new facility. Rossi (not sure if that is the correct spelling) and I believe his co-worker was Matt were the ones doing the install. I thought it was important to send you some feedback on their work. Since the beginning of January, we have had many workers at the new location performing a number of different services for us. From fire alarm work to painting to roofing, etc. Your two guys were two of the hardest working guys we have had on that site to date. They came to work every day, kept their heads down and did what needed to be done. They were always extremely respectful and helped out whenever we had questions. As a Company, we always ask our team to give our customers the type of service that we received from your team this week. It was noticed by me but more importantly by the owners of Reeds Ferry. As such, I thought it was important to send you some positive feedback for a job well done.

    Laurie K. Blanchette - Director of Operations

  • When my current Supervisor requested any suggestions for CCTV installation and maintenance, your company quickly came to mind. I knew Setronics as I worked in Loss Prevention from 1989-2007 and became very familiar with your techs and the office staff as well as your company's stellar reputation for quality work and extremely fast maintenance scheduling. Since leaving that grocery chain, I have found no company that compared to your customer service.

    Dawn Smith

  • New camera system is sweet!!!! I caught this lady at the self-check number one. She concealed most of her order but I was able to pull her up with the new system in seconds. She scanned $50.92 and bagged $191.00 in high dollar items. Police came and I have a report number. I will pay for the system in six months.

    Dave – Store Manager, Supermarket Chain

  • Your guys did a really nice job for us on the project install. Special thanks for sticking around this afternoon so that my network guy could get the IP address reservations set. We have some minor adjustments to make but the cameras look great!

    Charlie – Chief Information Officer, College Campus

  • For more than 18 years, Setronics has always responded to my security needs. Recently they have responded favorably to some challenging and specialized CCTV solutions. Even as technological demands have increased dramatically during our years together, Setronics has provided time and again their commitment to customer service excellence.

    Bruce Kennedy – Director of Loss Prevention, Stew Leonard’s

  • Thanks again for a professional job. The school administration officials tell me that the security system you installed is far superior to others in the school system. Feel free to place the Town on reference lists for future projects in which Setronics may be involved.

    Hugh Campbell – Town Coordinator, Bernardston

  • Setronics does over and above what other vendors do. They not only promise that their services are superior: they deliver. That is the beauty of our business relationship. The team at Setronics will do whatever they can to guarantee customer satisfaction. That doesn't happen much these days.

    Director of Asset Protection from a National Retailer

  • I just wanted to pass along a compliment regarding the technicians from Setronics. Today I had the technicians from Setronics moving cameras at two Store locations. I was wondering if you could pass along to their boss that they were excellent!! They did the work promptly and were courteous. They used "common sense" in assisting with the needs of the operator, using the system! They were GREAT!

    David – Asset Protection, Supermarket Chain

  • Gentlemen, I would like to thank you for the time you spent with me on Thursday. I know everyone’s time is valuable and I appreciated it. I have spoken to Mike in our corporate office and explained to him what a GREAT product you have developed with the Stop-Loss System. Again thank you all for your time.

    Darren – Asset Protection District Manager