setronics partners with sensera systems for remote solar security cameras

T E S T I M O N I A L :
Excellent Client Experience Blended with a Savvy Technology Partner

Setronics, a leading security integrator based out of Billerica, MA recently joined Sensera Systems’ Authorized Systems Integrator Program (ASIP) to add robust solar-powered, cloud-managed security camera solutions for their growing clientele. Setronics, true to its vision of quality and integrity, designs solutions with the best available products and technologies, has found a great fit with Sensera Systems. Sensera’s line of affordable, portable HD time-lapse and livestreaming cameras arrive ready to connect over 4G/LTE or WiFi and Sensera’s SiteCloud provides an end-to-end monitoring service for all Sensera cameras, allowing end users to login and securely view, manage and configure their camera through their smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Authorized resellers who value high-quality technology and services reaffirm Sensera’s own mission to continue innovating and leading the market in affordability, functionality, and ease of use. Couple that with a positive client experience and it’s a winning combination.

“Sensera Systems is something new for Setronics, which has been providing video solutions for 49 years. I was recently tasked by the construction manager for a local community to provide remote cameras and document several large projects that were about to start. Sensera offered exactly what we needed at a price well below similar systems. Everything has been delivered as promised, including an awesome product and web-interface. The Sensera Sales team was instrumental in answering my inquiries and Customer Support delivered great initial remote training and promptly answered my questions after I installed two cameras.” — Mark Scanlon, Setronics Sales Executive

The security and construction industries continue to evolve at a rapid pace. As technologies advance and change, companies must strive to provide a full scope of expertise coupled with quality support. Setronics and Sensera Systems stay true to their respective missions to provide innovative technology solutions matched with exceptional customer care. As Mark also told Sensera, “You have a good thing going, keep up the effort.”

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