prevention and screening tools for covid-19

Setronics now offers a growing suite of tools to assist in the detection and prevention of COVID-19 transmission. To assist in evaluating your needs to protect against further business interruption or shutdown.  These tools generate actionable rapid messaging and alerts as well as activity reports for compliance auditing. Our solutions are “stand alone” or can be integrated with your current access control and surveillance systems. Click on the link for more information SetronicsCovid19 .

covid-19 solutions offer:

  • Optical skin temperature screening (the leading COVID-19 infection indicator).
  • Face mask in place check
  • Building occupancy counting by at least two primary methods
  • Contact-less key fob / card, palm or facial ID credentials for access control
  • Individual hand washing at public stations (video and id log)
  • Queuing and area crowd video analytics

the smart approach to establishing the ‘new norm’