“consumer world” meet “security world”

“Consumer World” meet “Security World”! Many of our industry peers have overwhelmingly inquired about “mobile apps” while either attending a recent trade show exhibit or through one of our many other media forums. For those IP-based security professionals looking to enhance their mobility experience, this is an exciting time for you all!

Say “goodbye” to the days of lugging your laptop to the local Starbucks in desperate hope of finding a Wi-Fi connection that “may” allow access to your Security Network. Instead, say “hello” to modern-day consumer devices like Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows Mobile and Android that make mobile security not only possible, but seamless, when partnered with the exploding Security “apps” market.

Whether it’s the mobile phone you keep in your back pocket or the iPad you slip in your bag daily to connect to the world, with a telecommunication connection and a simple download from your “apps store” you can now access live or recorded video, move PTZ cameras, lock and unlock access controlled doors, digitally zoom fixed cameras and much more! Wow, how far we have come!

For those analog users still dreaming about the day when they can take advantage of IP technology and the flexibility, mobility and power it delivers, there are many affordable avenues to make that dream a reality. For those already “there”, IP and mobile “apps” are a marriage made in heaven that will get better with age, like a fine wine.

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